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To be italian, cook italian...


Authentic travel in Italy
"To be italian, cook italian"...'

Simmetrie, in partnership with Mauro Galbero, an italian master of pizza, with deep roots in the secret ways of the 'real pizza' will organize a beginner course "Pizzaiolo", emmeresed in an farm house with anceint family to experiance the life of 'the italiano', in this way you will cook, see, speak, and think like the italiano, because "speak like you eat".
This is not a tourist spot or an organised holiday, this is made by locals for a unique opertunity for forigners to experiance the italian way.

In the first week for 6 hours a day the master chef, Mauro Galbero, will guide the students to do a pizza in the original napoletan way, where it all started, revealing the secrets for making the perfect dough and the complete procedure for the rest of the play to reach perfection. The course will take place in ancient house with wood-oven and very evocative saloon where will possible eat and stay togheter.

In the second week the students can freely visit the most important and intersing place and attractions. We help you to organize the program of the second week based on avaibility, weather and personal preferences.

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